Forwarding TRF

Your Test Report Form (TRF) is valid for 2 years and you are entitled to ONE copy only

When you come for your speaking test, you will be asked to write your full postal address on an envelope to ensure home delivery of your TRF.

Your TRF is a valuable document and you should keep it in a safe place because it cannot be replaced.  It has inbuilt security measures and cannot be copied.  Receiving organizations (ROs) can also access a database to verify your results.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has requested that test centers do not forward TRFs to their visa departments, as candidates should enclose their original test results with their complete immigration application.  Please email if you need a TRF for this organization.

IELTS Electronic Downloads

  • ROs which have subscribed to this system can download results from a secure website for all candidates who have applied to their organization. They do not need a hardcopy TRF
  • The subscriber list changes on a monthly basis and is not available to candidates
  • Please note that this service is not available to recruitment agents, travel agents, legal and immigration agents

IELTS TRF Verification Service

  • ROs which have registered for this service are able to check the authenticity of your results online by comparing to your hardcopy TRF. You should therefore apply for an additional TRF to be sent by post – see full details below
  • Please note that this service is not available to recruitment agents, travel agents, legal and immigration agents


  • After you receive your conditional offer from the RO, email with the name, address, department, contact person and your file number to ask whether or not it is a subscriber to the IELTS electronic downloads system. Please remember to tell us your full name and test date.
  • Note that the system can only add 5 organizations to your profile, so please do not inquire about more than this.  If a 6th one is added, it will replace the 1st one.
  • If your RO is an electronic subscriber, we will add their details to your entry in the IELTS global database and ask you to alert them that they can now view your results on the system.


  • If your RO is not a subscriber, we will email our bank account details to enable you to submit a postal application.
  • Calculate the total cost of TRFs plus postal charges (a separate postal charge for each TRF).
  • Submit an application for postal TRFs here and type in the requested details online.
  • For the first 5 additional TRFs for ROs requested within a month of the TRF print date, you only need to pay the postal charges. For the 6th or more, you should also pay an administration fee of 500,000 Rials per TRF.
  • After the month-long period, postal charges plus an administration fee of 500,000 Rials for each additional TRF must be paid.
  • Before submitting the form, please remember to type your bank receipt number, together with the total amount paid and the postal service selected.
  • Please allow up to 7 working days for your TRF request to be processed.

You can select from the following postal options

AUSTRALIA 2,000,000 RIALS 1,570,000 RIALS
CANADA 2,000,000 RIALS 1,570,000 RIALS
USA 2,000,000 RIALS -
EUROPE (EXCEPT UK) 1,800,000 RIALS 1,250,000 RIALS
UNITED KINGDOM 1,800,000 RIALS 1,250,000 RIALS
MALAYSIA 1,900,000 RIALS 1,250,000 RIALS

NOTE: The data on your TRF cannot be amended. If you obtain a new passport after your TRF has been printed, you will need to provide additional documents to prove your identity to immigration authorities and receiving organizations.